Be careful! It blew up in my hands

umldiagram1Many of my beautiful classes were killed. You can imagine how much I was disconsolate!

One of my favourite eclipse plugins is Green UML an easy to use UML diagram drawer and editor. I like to see very much the structure of my application drawn in an UML diagram. I think Green UML is a quite good tool despite of the fact it is not fool tolerant. I will explain now why.

After I created a diagram in Green UML, I wanted to modify it. I deleted some of my classes from the draw. I did not heed the pop up warning and said ok. I shouldn’t have done it! They hadn’t been deleted only from the diagram, but also been deleted from the src. A number of my *.class files were deleted! How could this happen?

As you can see in the screenshot, I was not the only one victim.


Telling the truth I use UML only for one purpose. I draw diagrams to see easily the structure of my application. Beside Green UML I had found another excellent tool for drawing diagrams. It is also an eclipse plugin. Its name is ObjectAid. I tried it and I find it to be quite good. Object Aid UML diagram editor makes on the fly preset format of image (jpg, png or gif) as soon as you save the current draw.

Creating a diagram is very easy in both of them. Just create new diagram and drag and drop the java classes into the drawing area. Another way is highlighting the java classes inside package explorer and right click, now you can create new diagram.

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