My terrible disease…

ricsomMy terrible disease got me to write an application for people who suffer from diabetes

Some months ago I almost died. My blood sugar level was very high. Fortunatelly I feel well now but being a diabetic means that I have to follow a very strict diet.

I am ordered to have:

30 gramme ch in the morning.
60 g for lunch and
50 g for dinner.

Two hours after every eating I have to have 20 g carbohydrate.

How can I know that how much flour is allowed to have? I have to count ch amount of everything I eat. Count the food using scale, note (write down) the amount of it, calculate the ch amount and summarize partial results.

To make this process much easier I started to create a special application.

The first version I released is really simple. It can do a simple counting and totalizing like excel can. Beside this it is able to add new element to the list of selectable types of food.


This application is planned to grow up to be a complex one. To reach that there are a lot to do.

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