RaspBerry Pi as a CCTV system Display of Raspberry PI

raspiTeaser1Year by year more and more burglary have been committed in this quaint town where I live.

With one of my friends (Mr. Szilárd) we decided to do something useful to chase criminals. Last but not least this seemed to be good business.

He bought a RasPi for our ptoject. I installed a Raspbian into it and wrote some scripts to have it working as we dreamed.


Now the features which our system has:

It is enough to provide the account information to access your gateway / router and set two port forwarding rules per RasPi at your home to access it from the internet. One for ssh and an other (8080 – 8081 port range) for web browser usage.

RasPi discovers your private network to collect important data i.e.: gateway inner IP, public IP and sends this information to the central server.


You can connect after authentication process to the server and control the behaviour of the RasPi using a special command interface. You can configure it in a wide range of opportunities. You cab start and stop motion detection process.

You can collect health information from your RasPi (FS usage, memory usage, logged in users etc).

You can watch what your RasPi can see online from your web browser.


As soon as RasPi detects motion sends pictures and videos to the central server’s storage where you can see and manage all of them.

If you want, you can be informed by e-mail about detected changes of the view.

If you connect USB mobile phone dongle to RasPi, you can receive text messages when motion detected.

Maybe we will expand the project later with a PHP or JAVA EE based web interface which could be placed between the user and the command based interface to make the control more user friendly and comfortable.

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