Runnable tutorial (misleading title) :)

cameraIt is not about java.lang.Runnable. I contrived a new sort of tutorial. (ten years ago I made video tutorials, now I wanted to create something better) My new idea is that while you watch the tutorial, it is running in the background therefore you can see the results immediately on the fly.


I used two machines. In the first one, which is only a base repository extract the main tar gz file and the other tar gz must be extracted into an other pc. Both of them must be Linux (I use CrunchBang a debian based Linux distribution). Unfortunately the language of this tutorial is hungarian but it is not a huge work to translate it to english. It is highly recommended to create ssh keys between the machines. This solution provides a trustworthy method, because every command is tried in the background by the script and the output of them is shown in the display. If you wanna try the scripts maybe you have to modify the paths, hostnames and usernames inside the script files.

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