This tool is pretty good for testers


Because of my sysadmin background my boss wanted me to learn vagrant some months ago.

vagrant2Nowadays I do a lot of so-called ‘DevOps‘ work, so this vagrant task fits me. I learned how to build and modify an operating system box for vagrant environment.

Vagrant has a precious feature. Sometimes I run into that problem when I am trying a new application which is not known by me I can collapse the host operating system. At that moment it is too difficult to investigate the new land to figure out what went wrong and reset the system. Using vagrant it is easy to go back into time.

You can drop your environment without pain and can ask for a pretty new one. Using a preconfigured box takes some minutes to have an up and running. Preconfiguring means two choices. First one is the box itself. It is based on in example an Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine. The second one is a special script file. Vagrant users call this provisioning scrip. The commands listed in this file are run when vagrant is deployed. You can use several provisioning scripts. Different ones for different instances of your vagrant box using only one command and when they are not needed anymore you can drop all of them using one command. If you have several provisioning scripts and several boxes then many of use cases can be covered. Testers always switching to another environment therefore I think this solution was made for them.

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