(when) I am looking for a new job

cvfrontpageOnce upon a time I had a good idea. I wrote a real line of java code into the front page of my CV. Some days ago I decided to write the whole code around the original idea. Reading the code linked below you can see my coding style and my actual skill level of java.

Sometimes when I apply for a new job there are programming tasks which can take several hours per piece to complete them. And there were companies where I did not get any feedback about my code I wrote them as a test code at all. It made me be disappointed every time it happened. Once I waste my time, steal time from my family for writing test code similar to “fizzBuzz”, “addressBook” or “secondBiggest” I expect them to give me a little feedback at least. I could learn, I could improve my skills getting little information about my code from the people who are much better than me. But I have never got feedback. They just said that they did not need me. Therefore I decided not to write tests any more! Please look at my github repo. There you can see how I grow up to be a clean coder.

(you can see the whole codebase at Github!)


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