Takipi is so kind as to deal with the exceptions in your source code

r440_9_takipi-2Dear Takipi team,

First of all I apologise and apologise and apologise for postponed this blog post! I terribly sorry!

Some months ago I found an ad about a new technology which helps programmers with catching and analysing exceptions. Being a curious animal I decided to give it a try.
It was takipi.

It was extremely easy to install and use the tool! There are several install methods can be choosen and Takipi is available on the biggest operating systems:

install_takipi1You can get help to install Takipi as can be seen above in the picture.

Takipi sends e-mail reports about the result of the check run like this:


You can configure the triggers and settings for the systems and declare that when and how should it send the reports:

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Duke-T-shirt-268x300I got T-shirts from Takipi Team because of being registered user at their site and why I tried their product.

Thank you Takipi!

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