Can you remember?

camerainstallingGradleWineI wrote about a special application for diabetic people I started to create. Now I have just decided to refactor the whole application. I redesigned the class hierarchy, the look of the GUI, the functionality etc. I wanted to try the newest version of eclipse, codename luna. After solving a problem I managed to start it.


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RaspBerry Pi as a CCTV system Display of Raspberry PI

raspiTeaser1Year by year more and more burglary have been committed in this quaint town where I live.

With one of my friends (Mr. Szilárd) we decided to do something useful to chase criminals. Last but not least this seemed to be good business.

He bought a RasPi for our ptoject. I installed a Raspbian into it and wrote some scripts to have it working as we dreamed.

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My terrible disease…

ricsomMy terrible disease got me to write an application for people who suffer from diabetes

Some months ago I almost died. My blood sugar level was very high. Fortunatelly I feel well now but being a diabetic means that I have to follow a very strict diet.

I am ordered to have:

30 gramme ch in the morning.
60 g for lunch and
50 g for dinner.

Two hours after every eating I have to have 20 g carbohydrate.

How can I know that how much flour is allowed to have? I have to count ch amount of everything I eat. Count the food using scale, note (write down) the amount of it, calculate the ch amount and summarize partial results.

To make this process much easier I started to create a special application.

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Be careful! It blew up in my hands

umldiagram1Many of my beautiful classes were killed. You can imagine how much I was disconsolate!

One of my favourite eclipse plugins is Green UML an easy to use UML diagram drawer and editor. I like to see very much the structure of my application drawn in an UML diagram. I think Green UML is a quite good tool despite of the fact it is not fool tolerant. I will explain now why.

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When was the last time you prayed?

goldenspiralPraying is a good technique for learning because when you recite something again and again, then you can learn it easily.

I was in a job interview today and there was a really simple test question I failed.

I had to write a method which gets an integer for Fibonacci sequence as index and returns the value of that index.


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My own dotclear theme

I installed dotclear ( into my PC because I think that using a blog is a good way for keeping documentations in one place. I wanted a retro green terminal display like appearance for my site. This is what I created:


I like it very much. And do you…?

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log4j version 2

cameraegyptian_scribeI am a java programmer therefore I must know the most popular logging application. The apache log4j project version 2. Why is it so important to emphasize that it is version 2? Log4j2 differs from log4j a lot. It took two days to realize that it was an absolutely wrong way to watching tutorials of version one while I had version2. After I saw this I spent only twenty minutes to get a working example of logging with log4j version two. Yes, that is a link to my github store where you can see the code of this post.


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