A HR lady wondered why I want to work remotely at home. Why shouldn’t we IT guys do that?

zombiA HR lady asked me why I prefer working at home remotely to commuting among a lot of upset, distracted, disappointed zombies by subway every day?

Well, Working remotely and being an entrepreneur (not empolyee) means that both of us (employer and I) can save a lot of money, and a lot of time! Not seeing zombies means happiness, therefore I can do my work more powerfully, more accurate.

Commuting is wastig money and wasting time every day!

In short way: I do more for less money. Any questions?

As a sysadmin I have done many many many times that I woke up on the left side of the river, went across it and using ssh I administered servers on that side where I lived. That also was “workig remotely” … from the office. Why should not we work remotely? Sysadmins, developers, DBAs etc can work remotely because the characteristic of the positions.

Tools are available! For example watching a remote station can be done using TeamViewer, talking to other team members we can use skype. Where is the problem?

Please Do Think!
– Commuting makes us to be zombies!
– Commuting wastes time and
– a lot of money!
– Only the boss thinks that working centralizedly on office site is more effective.

An article in English about the disappointed workers here.

An article in Hungarian here.

Infographic original picture.

Same picture with Hungarian “subtitles” here.

And the picture itself:

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