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my IndieGoGo campaign has started

Some months ago I decided to write a great deploying system. Now I decided to start an indieGoGo campaign! I created a promo video. You can see it on youtube or on indieGoGo. More infos about the project here inthis … Continue reading

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BASH was used for creating a little word pairs learning application

Application available only in Hungarian language!   Many years ago I made an application which helped me to learn pairs of words and expressions. The program can speak out the words! There are text based word pair lists for Hungarian … Continue reading

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Runnable tutorial (misleading title) :)

It is not about java.lang.Runnable. I contrived a new sort of tutorial. (ten years ago I made video tutorials, now I wanted to create something better) My new idea is that while you watch the tutorial, it is running in … Continue reading

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