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20141002_164329I am a freelancer java developer in Hungary (middle of Europe) with a solid (more than fifteen years as a sysadmin) background of Linux and UNIX operating systems therefore I am a devOps expert as well. I would like to be… no. I wanna be… No. I am going to be a real programmer. A real clean coder. I know that the way to my purpose is so long. So what!

I read a blog nowadays where was written that juniors don’t know what they don’t know.I do know something I should know more deep in details. And I want them to know well of course.

Some topics of it are: sonar, gradle, jenkins, cucumber, git, fitnesse, twist, selenium; how to write clean code, reflection, callback objects, iterators, design patterns, threading.

I am open minded, impassioned programmer. I love to create programs. I love to create! I love to see working well the application I made. I am not an expert coder yet, but I do a lot to be. I am ready to learn much more.

I never mind I have to work individually or in team.

Unfortunately I suffer from a terrible disease: diabetes type 2 since spring of 2014. Do you know what diabetes is? Look at here and here. I have to check my blood sugar concentration four times a day at least and I have to have insulin four times a day. Therefore I prefer home office to commuting a lot day by day to my workspace (I am working from home now).

Working experience

Now I am a freelance devOps and java programmer. I created a great system for deploying quickly and easily new full project environments for java developer teams. This system branches the newest important technologies which can be found at a place where human beings do coding. This means that you can deploy a new full environment of the followings:

Git – Gradle – jUnit – jBehave – FEST – Jenkins – SonarQube – scp – web storage .

You only have to set two input data and clicking only once. As the process finished, you have a git repository, which has gradle build file. It is easy to import it into eclipse and you can begin to work! As soon as you pushed some change into the git repo, jenkins creates a new build and shows you reports of jUnit test, jBehave tests, test coverage results and SonarQube code quality reports as well!

youtube link of the video about the things above comes soon! 05/11/2012.14/10/2014.

As I mentioned I am a junior java developer since November 5, 2012. We created Online Trading software for banks. I have experienced in agile methodology, coding with TDD, SCRUM, eXtreme Programming (pair programming). We used eclipse IDE, git, maven, jenkins, sonar, sonatype nexus. As a DevOps guy I created vagrant environments to deploy our product easily and quickly for testing purposes. I made several Bash scripts for our server products written in java.

I had been a Linux / UNIX system administrator for more than fifteen years. My first Linux arrived at my place as an IT newspaper’s free CD. I used to be a member of Hungarian Linux Users Association as a volunteer.

I did several things what sysadmins do: 21/11/2011. – 02/11/2012.

I worked for a software developer company which creates software for banking systems. I was a Configuration Manager. I dealt with software repositories (UNISYS Libra mainframe) and environments.

01/02/2011. – 20/11/2011. servers

I worked as a software tester. I had to create testing scripts (BASH and Perl) and my job was designing and building the whole environment from the operating system (FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux) level and installing / configuring the needed applications (apache2, munin, sendmail, postfix, iptables, bind9, VB virus and spam filter).

11/08/2009. – 31/01/2011.

I did my own non-profit project which was a Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP system (I made even the PHP code of our content management system, a special web portal publishing news, texts, articles, pictures and videos.). As a freelancer I managed several system administration, web shop and CCTV projects.

03/10/2008. – 10/08/2009.

I worked for a website designer and web hosting service provider company. I worked with Linux (mainly Debian and Ubuntu). My responsibilities were: apache2 (VirtualHosts), bind9, drupal, MySQL, NAGIOS, apt-proxy, OpenVZ, Subversion, Firewalls, Postfix, BASH shell scripts.

01/05/2006. – 30/09/2008.

I was a system administrator. I worked with RedHat and SUSE Linux based servers, ubuntu Linux and openSUSE Linux desktops. Some of my tasks were configuring firewalls, SMTP, building computer networks, configuring apache servers, installing workstations and dealing with tape backups. The greater part of my work was NAGIOS and BASH scripting. I installed IBM xSeries 306m and 346 servers. I saved a lot of money for the company because I built a thermometer network in the server room which sent us alert as a sound and a message into a display. The servers were overheated because air conditioning system stopped to work.

15/04/2005. – 21/04/2006.

I worked for a not sad, but blue and really big company as an IT supervisor (1st level support). It was shift work. I monitored windows 2000 servers, AIX UNIX servers, Linux servers and ORACLE databases. x346 servers

Educationshark 07/2013. 10gen Education – M102: MongoDB for DBAs (online course) 10gen Education – M101J: MongoDB for Java Developers 09/2010. – haven’t finished yet.

Maybe in the next year. I am a college student in the Esterházy Károly College. I am going to be graduated from Program Design and Informatics B.Sc.

21-25/11/2005. IBM – HACMP Systems Administration I: Planning and Implementation AU 54 20-24/06/2005. SAP – ADM100 15-17/06/2005. SAP – ADM505 13-14/06/2005. SAP – SAPTEC 31/05/2005.-03/06/2005. ORACLE University – Database administration II. (DBA2) 25-30/05/2005. ORACLE University – Database administration I. (DBA1) 23-24/05/2005. ORACLE University – SQL Basics 09-13/05/2005. IBM – AIX 5.xL System administration I. (AU. 14.) 02-06/05/2005. IBM – AIX 5.xL Basics (AU. 13.) 17/02/2004.-25/01/2005. PentaSchool – System Administration (OKJ 54 4641 03) 25-26/10/2004. PentaSchool – Postfix, SMTP server administration, SPAM and virus filtering. 11/11/2003. Council of Hungarian Internet Providers – DNS server configuration using BIND 9 based on GNU/Linux. 09-13/09/2002.

IQSOFT – John Bryce Training Centre – MS 2151 and MS 2152.Microsoft Windows 2000 Network and op.system’s essentials Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 professional and server.

1986-1990. Secondary school and final exam.


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