my IndieGoGo campaign has started

indieSome months ago I decided to write a great deploying system. Now I decided to start an indieGoGo campaign!

I created a promo video. You can see it on youtube or on indieGoGo.

More infos about the project here inthis site: JPEDS

Please share the info, donate my project on indieGoGo or simply buy my product! You can get the all price you payed for my project. Do you want to know how it is working? See it in the video!

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Takipi is so kind as to deal with the exceptions in your source code

r440_9_takipi-2Dear Takipi team,

First of all I apologise and apologise and apologise for postponed this blog post! I terribly sorry!

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Please share your opinion

What do you think?

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A HR lady wondered why I want to work remotely at home. Why shouldn’t we IT guys do that?

zombiA HR lady asked me why I prefer working at home remotely to commuting among a lot of upset, distracted, disappointed zombies by subway every day?

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I have just created a facebook page for this beautiful blog!

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Which one do you like? (Please) Answer for a virtual beer! :P


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Playing with gradle

gradleAs you can read it before I started a big refactoring in my diabetes project.

One of the chosen tools which are useful for my beautiful project is gradle. It is really new topic in my coding life so I decided to investigate gradle and collect a little knowledge base here.

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