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my IndieGoGo campaign has started

Some months ago I decided to write a great deploying system. Now I decided to start an indieGoGo campaign! I created a promo video. You can see it on youtube or on indieGoGo. More infos about the project here inthis … Continue reading

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Takipi is so kind as to deal with the exceptions in your source code

Dear Takipi team, First of all I apologise and apologise and apologise for postponed this blog post! I terribly sorry!

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Playing with gradle

As you can read it before I started a big refactoring in my diabetes project. One of the chosen tools which are useful for my beautiful project is gradle. It is really new topic in my coding life so I … Continue reading

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Can you remember?

I wrote about a special application for diabetic people I started to create. Now I have just decided to refactor the whole application. I redesigned the class hierarchy, the look of the GUI, the functionality etc. I wanted to try … Continue reading

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Be careful! It blew up in my hands

Many of my beautiful classes were killed. You can imagine how much I was disconsolate! One of my favourite eclipse plugins is Green UML an easy to use UML diagram drawer and editor. I like to see very much the … Continue reading

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This tool is pretty good for testers

Vagrant Because of my sysadmin background my boss wanted me to learn vagrant some months ago. Nowadays I do a lot of so-called ‘DevOps‘ work, so this vagrant task fits me. I learned how to build and modify an operating … Continue reading

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